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Women of the Word

by Jen Wilkin

March 18, 2019.Beth.2 Likes.0 Comments
The heart cannot love what the mind does not know

Small Bites

Women of the Word is a study book that helps women delve deeper into scripture. This is more than just a devotional, it is a practical guide with solid, informative advice on how to read the bible and build bible literacy. To do this, Wilkin lays out the five P’s of sound study; Purpose, Perspective, Patience, Process and Prayer, each of which is outlined in a chapter.

Jen Wilkin doesn’t dumb down the study of the bible. Her methods are rigorous and academic and she has complete faith in the women reading her book that they are capable of this. She is clear in her aim to help train women to study the bible. As she says in chapter 2, “bible study increases bible literacy”. Despite this, the book is incredibly simple and easy to read. She uses terms like “metanarrative” and “exegesis” but explains them thoroughly and in a way that is understandable. Sitting down to read a chapter felt like sitting down for a coffee with Jen.

Chapter 8 of the book has included a detailed example of the previous 7 chapters. This goes through all of the things she has taught, applying the tools to James. The reader is able to see clearly how to build Bible literacy, and how to translate this into their everyday bible reading.

I really enjoyed this book. It was informative and interesting and the author wrote in an incredibly friendly and engaging style. She explained concepts simply and clearly, and was never judgemental or preachy in her approach. Throughout the book there was an understanding that bible study can be hard and frustrating, but she coupled this with repeatedly emphasising why we read the bible in the first place. “The bible is a book that boldly and clearly reveals who God is on every page”.

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